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Elevate Your Body’s Energy & Performance In Just 15 Minutes Each Day

Wouldn’t it feel amazing to live at your fullest potential?

With unlimited energy, strength, and balance. With your body in complete homeostasis. The problem is our modern digital world has changed. We are bombarded with harmful EMFs / E-smog.

Your body’s electromagnetic fields are now under constant negative influence

While human beings have always been exposed to natural electromagnetic fields, there has been a dangerous rise in human-made electromagnetic field (EMFs / E-smog) exposure. We are exposed to countless waveforms all day, everyday.






Smart Meters

Modern Smart Homes

Electric Vehicles

How much radiation penetrates your body compared to 10 years ago?


Olle Johanson, PhD

Professor, Head of the Experimental Dermatology Unit,
Department of Neuroscience at the Karolinska Institute, Sweden

The more exposure we have to unhealthy and harmful waves, the more our bio-field becomes negatively affected – weaker body, weaker cells, and ultimately a weaker, compromised organism.

We can use good/life-supporting waves to restore charge to our electrons, thereby rejuvenating our cells. As you can see below from the electromagnetic spectrum of energy, there are good waves and bad waves.

Small energy wave resonance disruptions can lead to big health problems

The abundant man-made EMF waves in our digital world mix with the natural EMFs. Once in contact with your body, they disrupt your state of balance and physiological processes, limiting your body’s ability to produce new healthy cells. Your organism’s integrity is at stake!

“The most chronic degenerative diseases are based on the body’s inability to make new healthy cells.”

– Dr. Jerry Tennant

Each cell in our body is a powerhouse of living energy

As goes the cell, so goes the organism. Your body (living organism) is made up of a community of 80 - 100 trillion cells. That’s why Dr. Jerry Tennant, the legendary Harvard M.D., teaches that health begins at the cellular level. 

Your body is designed to regenerate. It's constantly trying to make new healthy cells.

The replacement of new cells (through Mitosis) is guided by a variety of factors, including energy, frequency, vibration, environment, diet, and lifestyle.

Your cells communicate chemically

But more importantly, they communicate electrically. Therefore, a cell is like a battery. It has a north pole and a south pole (plus and minus). To understand this electrical charge in our bodies, we want to look inside the cell.

What makes up the cell?

What makes up the molecules?

What makes up the atoms?
Electrons, protons, and neutrons. 

These atoms determine the voltage and energy that sustain life

The voltage is determined by the 100 trillion atoms within one single cell. According to Dr. Tennant, M.D., and many other scientists and clinicians in the know, proper voltage equals health and life force.

A healthy cell is a charged cell. The key to health is influencing the 100 trillion atoms in your cells.

What if there was a simple solution that could achieve these amazing molecular results daily...

Without ever having to leave the comfort of your home?


A Luxurious At-Home System For Molecular Activation

Combine Nearly All Frequency & Intensity Spectra Available On The Market In One

Amplify the “Tesla Power” of Treatment Through Patented Design

Tap Into the Broadest & Probably the Most Effective Frequency Range of Any At-Home Bioresonance Frequency Device

Experience up to 20,000 amplitudes per second through 8 large coils, Therefore Reaching a wider Molecular range in the body

The benefits of health & balance are truly life-changing

Boosted Physical Performance

Faster Regeneration

Better Stress Management

Faster & Deeper Relaxation

Increased Mental Performance

Enhanced Lust For Life & Quality of Life

Deeper Sleep & Falling Asleep Faster

+ Much More


The KLOUD Complete System includes 2 applicators – the KLOUD Maxi and KLOUD Mini. Both applicators come equipped with 8 coils generating the same intensity and desired benefits. But the Mini is small enough to fit in your backpack or handbag!

Complete system


• KLOUD Maxi
• KLOUD Mini
• 2 Bags
• Power Adapter + Charging Cable

Available for purchase Oct 30th 12PM EST
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More Energy

Faster Recovery

Increased Balance

Deeper Relaxation

Reduced Stress

And So Much More

The KLOUD technical specs are some of the most innovative technological advances of our times.

Let’s better understand the solution of how using waves can activate your Molecules

The Sunlight & Vitamin D

Did you know that sunlight doesn’t produce vitamin D? It’s your body’s chemical and electrical reaction to the Sun’s waves that creates the life force vitamin!

Learn more

Beyond PEMF

PEMF has had global success, and we believe in its life-changing results. But we’ve decided to go further…

The CENTROPIX KLOUD operates in the new science of PEMA!

Discover PEMA

Think of this signal like a single radio station that is able to play beautiful music

Powerful, but it’s still just one radio station. But through many years of research and development, Prof. Dr. Kafka discovered a signal that actually encompasses nearly all radio stations.

Dr. Kafka’s breakthrough signal is a historic first in the new science of PEMA therapy.

Imagine Being Able to Access Nearly Every Wave Frequency Your Body Needs—at Will

Thanks to Prof. Dr. Kafka’s discovery, almost all signals that could have a positive effect (through molecular activation) on the body are now available. It’s the ultimate answer to the modern day stressors that put a strain on our body's homeostasis and damage our cellular health.

Unique Features of the KLOUD

New Breakthrough Signal

You already learned that each PEMF signal is like the radio station, which plays a specific type of music. Each signal has its own benefit. KLOUD’s “Kafka Signal” is unique in that it’s like the ENTIRE RADIO, delivering the broadest range of therapeutic benefits.

Cloud-Based & Mobile Friendly

Everything is delivered through the cloud. New programs are instantly made available via software updates and visible on your app. You don’t have to worry about whether your device is updated. It’s all automatic.

You control your KLOUD applicators, its programs, timing, starting and stopping—all with the dedicated app that will be available on your phone.

Microtesla Power Expansion

PEMA power is measured in microtesla. The CENTROPIX KLOUD is the first PEMA device that can be folded to magnify the microtesla coil power. For instance, fold the mat into a square to deliver up to 8X intensity to specific body areas.

Portable/Foldable Design

The KLOUD applicators can be folded in such a way that a greater intensity is achieved in several forms. Some users fold it into a square and use it for deep meditation or to reach deeper areas. Use your smartphone for control and easily take your applicator with you wherever you go.

First-of-Its-Kind Wireless PEMA Therapy Device

• Integrated Touch Screen Therapy
• Experience Your Session Live
• Adjust the Intensity of Your KLOUD
• Track Your Application in Real Time

All Within Your App

5 Optimized Programs

Regardless of whether you're looking for more energy, less discomfort, or other benefits of PEMA, unlike most technologies, you don't have to settle for a single benefit!

KLOUD currently offers five different programs - areas of application (more in planning). Our KLOUD 5 Basic Program Therapies: “R.B.E.S.T”

Program 1


Relaxation of body, mind and soul. Put yourself in a relaxed state and unwind. Promote your well-being and find inner peace, and optimize a restful sleep.

Program 2


Restore your natural balance and get into a good flow. Balance means feeling good and thinking positively with confidence, peace and serenity. Gain peace and quality of life.

Program 3


A boost when you want more life energy! Experience pure “KLOUD power”, feel alive, awake, motivated, and strengthened. Activate vitality from within. Take advantage of your bodies natural power!

Program 4


The ideal introduction to the use of the KLOUD. Synchronize your body functions. Use this program in combination with relaxation habits and rituals to improve mental clarity and emotional harmony.

Program 5


Help the body help itself. Keep your vital forces turned up, and experience a positive transformation - push your boundaries!

*Disclaimer: The KLOUD is not intended for the detection, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease. In particular, the KLOUD is not a medical device, nor are any other medical services provided through the KLOUD. The applications provided through the KLOUD should not be relied upon to make medical decisions or to diagnose or treat any disease. If you have health problems or questions about your health, always consult your physician. The programs are general recommendations based on experience. Individual experiences and results may vary. All KLOUD programs described, and their properties are based on empirical evidence that has not been evaluated by a competent authority - such as the U.S. FDA (Food & Drug Administration).

Electrons are the negatively charged particles of the atom — which are critical for the electrical charge and energy in the body


We are bombarded with positively charged forces or “waves” that disrupt the flow of electrons and energy in the body.

these include

EMF Radiation /

Cell phones, WiFi, 5G, Bluetooth devices, smart meters, & more.


Because stress of all forms increases cortisol, a hormone tied to obesity & sleep issues.


Air pollutants, heavy metals, food toxins, obesogens from plastics & many more.

Poor Diet

So many nutrients are missing from food leading to deficiency.

All of this leads to oxidative stress, creating a vicious cycle where our cells continually lose their healthy charge.

Using KLOUD 15 Minutes A Day Can Help Activate Your Molecules & Recharge Your Cells!

The benefits of KLOUD will enhance your quality of life and provide a sense of well-being like nothing you’ve ever experienced before.

Your initial investment is just $4,990—which includes five programs, two KLOUD applicators, plus additions & updates, for life!

Invest in yourself & experience the transformation for life

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Centropix Products/Devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are all about Wellness & Fitness and we are NOT Medical Devices. When in doubt, please check with your licensed healthcare practitioner before using our products/devices.

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