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CENTROPIX Protects Your Home with the First-of-its-Kind COCOON

An at-home device that taps into the Earth’s natural magnetic field and neutralizes the negative information of e-smog fields arising from electricity. We’re creating a cocoon around your home and fueling your body with the bioresonance needed to achieve maximum vitality and resilience.

And this all happens because the COCOON emits an electromagnetic sine wave that sends positive, biologically relevant frequencies to your cells that produce life-changing potential.

Tap Into the Earth’s Natural Magnetic Field With the Centropix Cocoon and Bring Vitality & Life Into Your Home

How does COCOON work?

The COCOON technology mirrors the Earth’s 7.83 Hz magnetic field and transmits this sinus wave throughout your home. Our breakthrough COCOON technology brings the natural life force frequency directly to you and your family.

The same frequency that life was born from billions of years ago. 

The same frequency that provides nourishment and life to all living things today. 

The same frequency that if it were to cease to exist – would end life on Earth.

What is e-smog?

To neutralize disturbing frequencies or interference, the COCOON converter uses 24-carat pure gold plates and optimized minerals to mimic the earth’s resonance

Our device transmits these sinus waves to create a spherical emission cocoon of up to 82 feet in diameter surrounding your home. Within this area of influence, the Cocoon converter transforms all devices, cables, light sources, transmitters, and any external sources of negative electromagnetic pollution into a bioresonance frequency– a positive life force matching that of the Earth’s magnetic field.

This scientifically-proven technology disturbs all negative field noise and neutralizes it — protecting your body, mind, and health.

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COCOON Benefits

Improved Mental Clarity

Unlimited Vitality & Quality of Life

Better Daily Performance & Teamwork

Increased Fitness & Wellness

Reduced Stress

Optimal Sleep Quality

Scientists Have Known The Damaging Effects for Decades

In our industrialized society, one of the most common (yet still least understood) syndromes is MAGNETIC FIELD DEFICIENCY SYNDROME (MFDS).

It leads to a number of symptoms, including:

Immune Diseases (also autoimmune)
Muscular Soreness
Circulatory Problems
Decreased Fitness Performance

In the 1960’s, NASA discovered that just as your body requires air to survive, it also needs energy derived directly from the Earth’s electromagnetic field.

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Electrosmog Is An Invisible Threat To Your Body

The damage of “electrosmog” is not exactly the most popular topic of conversation around dinner tables in America, but it’s a real threat that everyone needs to be aware of.

The Europeans have known about the noxious effects of exposure to high-frequency electromagnetic fields for a great while. And they haven’t been shy about protecting their citizens from the impact electrosmog has on their health at the highest levels of government.

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The Ultimate Protection Against Electrosmog & MFDS

What is e-smog?

Authoritative scientists have studied the effects of the Cocoon on electrosmog and they were blown away by the results

During an expert training course, we were able to establish that CENTROPIX E-Smog Converters are the only ones of all tested, commercially available converters that actually correct electrosmog. Even the trainer and I as an expert were surprised and very positively impressed by the significant optimization.

What is most noticeable is that, despite having a mobile phone on their body, the test persons' measurement data did not get worse, but in fact improved significantly. This is particularly astonishing.

– Elisabeth Dornbierer, CEO GDV-International, GDV/EPC Ausbildnerin

The COCOON was again put to the test at the Günter Haffelder Institute for Brain Research with mass spectral EEG measurements, which are highly sophisticated machines that cannot be fooled! The conclusion could not have been clearer! 

With the CENTROPIX Converter (COCOON) the stress caused by e-smog was gone

The converters reactivated the test subjects' mental clarity, and with the following exposure to the COCOON — they were no longer disturbed by e-smog

These amazing results were confirmed by none other than the founder of the German Society for Energy Medicine, the eminent Dr. M. Doepp. Dr. Doepp is a world-renowned expert in information medicine and the developer of cutting-edge technologies in this field.

Here is what Dr. Doepp had to say about the life-changing benefits of the Cocoon system:

• With the CENTROPIX technology, the immune system can be directly strengthened

• All test persons felt significantly better, a clear positive effect

• The technology shows clear biological, positive effects

• Resilience in the body is established

Our research and field studies have proven without a doubt that the COCOON is a revolutionary system that every modern home needs.

A COCOON of 82 Ft Diameter Surrounding Your Home Means Protection & Vitality 24/7

Like a dreamcatcher, the COCOON detects and converts the detrimental electromagnetic waves to bioresonance sources designed to benefit you. Not only are you protected from the harmful effects of electrosmog

But the “bad” energy is converted to bioresonance sources in accordance with the program that you select. We use top-shelf materials such as 24k gold and magnetite to program the desired frequency.

Pick Your Protection

Bring Vitality & Life Into Your Home

With capacity to operate on 6 converter frequencies at once, the COCOON can deliver the precise effect you are seeking — providing you the precise outcome that you need and desire!

The COCOON programs cover all aspects of your life:

E-Smog Converter

With the e-smog Converter, you can neutralise negative information from all mobile telecommunications systems (incl. 5G), from LED and infrared radiation, and from devices and cables that produce e-smog.

Sleep Well

The sleep well Converter provides you with information about letting go, recharging, and processing energy. The aim is regenerative and vital sleep.


The concentration Converter provides the ideal frequencies for concentration and memory performance. Thanks to the activation of frequencies, you’ll notice an increase in cognitive performance.

Hawaii Harmony

Hawaii is considered the centre of our Earth’s primordial energy. With the Hawaii harmony Converter, these frequencies are made available to you. Enjoy the Hawaiian feeling at home!

Relax & Regeneration

The relax & regeneration Converter provides you with information about regenerating, letting go, and living in the HERE AND NOW. Ideal for meditation, yoga, reading, and relaxing or simply for your well-being.

Sport & Fitness

Outdoor sports are particularly healthy. With the sport & fitness Converter, you bring natural energy indoors and thus indirectly increase your performance and training success.


With the food Converter you vitalise food, activate the water molecules in the nutritional substance and balance out negative information. This makes food more vital and bioactive.


The animal Converter provides pets with various pieces of information that are specifically tailored to their needs. Animals can thereby gain more vitality and balance.


The P-Frequency converter card applies next generation Swiss technology to emit a range of frequencies that promote the transfer of information throughout your body, harmonizing your natural internal processes for total wellness.


Revolutionary Swiss bio-engineering allows the I-Frequency converter card to transmit frequencies in the I-range, which are known for their therapeutic properties.

Instructions: Insert the COCOON Converter into the opening provided. The programmed frequencies are thus emitted in the effective radius of the COCOON Room-Converter.

Store all Converter Cards that are not needed at least 1 meter away from the device. This will prevent unwanted frequencies from being emitted into the COCOON's effective range.

complete system


• Cocoon
• 3 Converter Cards

The Complete COCOON home EMF protection system, including the E-smog, Sleep well, and Hawaii harmony converter cards.

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