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In our ongoing journey to find solutions to the challenges of our time, we are proud to present our latest creation - the BUBBLE². This unique pendant delivers active FREQUENCY - PEMF effects, advancing wearable holistic health technology. There are three changeable chic covers included for your everyday fashion statement.

The B² is a masterpiece from our engineers in the field of wellness and fitness. By integrating earth resonance frequencies and natural magnetic fields, better known as Schumann frequency / field. The B² becomes a stylish accessory that can have positive effects on your health.

despite earth anomalies

The anomalies:
1. In the last few centuries, the intensity of our Earth's magnetic field has decreased by more than 50%.

2. Since 2014, measuring stations have recorded significant anomalies in the Schumann resonance field conditions, which previously appeared to be stable. Possible explanations range from shifts in the magnetic poles, climate change, global warming and increased volcanic activity to changes in the Earth's axis and discharges in the Earth's atmosphere.

The BUBBLE² is the first portable PEMF - FREQUENCY device that can retrieve the measured values of these Schumann field conditions via an intelligent charging station. By simply placing it on the charging station for a few seconds, the BUBBLE² is always kept up to date to compensate for the anomalies that now occur daily, ensuring that you always get the right frequency at the right time.

02.09.2020                  03.09.2020
Evaluation of the TOMSK measuring station

MFDS Research
Magnetic field deficiency syndrome

As early as 1975, Dr. Kyoichi Nakagawa, Director of Isuzu Hospital in Tokyo, explained that people suffering from complaints such as neck pain and headaches, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia and forgetfulness etc. were actually suffering from magnetic field deficiency syndrome (MFDS). Dr. Nakagawa conducted a questionnaire survey of 11,648 people. The questionnaire included questions about the experience of therapy with magnetic fields. The participants in the studies had the following complaints:

On average, 94 percent of those surveyed described the magnetic field application as effective.
There were no undesirable side effects or aggravations for anyone.
Numerous other studies, including a NASA study, does support this.

The body is based on magnetic energy and frequencies

Magnetic fields can be found everywhere and are part of evolution as a whole
  • Plus and minus fields in each cell DNA
  • Cell division and formation
  • Good organ and system function

Magnetism and frequencies are essential to body‘s Activity
and is important for Health and Well-Being

may help...

  • balance out fluctuations in the Schumann earth resonance & field conditions
  • reestablish a connection to the elemental force of the earth (grounding)
  • increase life energy
  • promote focus & concentration
  • increase general well-being
  • mental clarity

The basic functions of the B²

The Schumann frequency, also known as the earth’s frequency, is more than just a physical vibration. It is fundamental to the balance of body and mind.

The BUBBLE² acts as a personal “grounder” that generates pulsating electro-magnetic fields that simulate the range of the Schumann field conditions - frequencies. This intelligent technology stimulates the body in a wave-like progression, natural activating and strengthening vital energy.

In its standard setting, the “B²” offers the Schumann fundamental frequency of 7.83 Hz, which is closely linked to the normal functioning of the human brain and body. In this way, the earth’s fundamental frequency is not only transported but actively integrated into everyday life in order to develop the full potential of your life energy.

the key to personalizing your B²

Standard frequencies (Schumann)

Discover the power of Schumann frequencies with the BUBBLE² and experience the effect of four unique natural frequencies, which are included in the purchase price:

  • 7.83 Hz
  • 14.10 Hz
  • 20.30 Hz
  • 26.40 Hz

Treat yourself to the ultimate experience for body and mind!

Switch to "Autopilot"

Experience ultimate comfort for your health in the autopilot mode of the BUBBLE². In addition to four powerful Schumann frequencies and three intensity levels, the basic package also offers fully automatic adjustment.

Using "intelligent inductive charging"

The BUBBLE² and its intelligent charging station are able to retrieve the current Schumann resonance frequencies and automatically find the optimum setting for the day. To do this, simply place your BUBBLE² on the charging station for a few seconds.

Your path to greater well-being has never been so easy!

Individual experiences are ready to customize

The easy-to-use frequency wheel on the app offers setting options aligned with your chosen frequency package. With full activation using the complete frequency package, you can select frequencies in the range from 0.076 hertz to 1,000 hertz.

Customize your BUBBLE² precisely to your individual requirements. By saving your preferred frequencies in a practical list on the app, you have quick access to use them at any time.

Indispensable B² in-app tools offer the convenience of diversity to the fullest.

Introducing the
BUBBLE² planners

The daily planner

Customize each day of the week according to your needs:

The daily plan input form offers you flexibility to configure each day of the week according to your personal preferences and needs.

In this way, you can optimize the B” individually to compliment your daily rhythm of activity or rest. This daily planning forms the basis for your weekly schedule!

The weekly plan

The BUBBLE² App presents an innovative function called The Weekly Plan. Specially developed for the optional frequencies, this plan allows you to customize it to your individual needs. Your BUBBLE² automatically switches to the desired frequencies at the times you specify.

Organize your week precisely according to your wishes - simply select the appropriate frequency for your working hours, sports, rest periods, etc.

With up to seven fixed frequency changes per day, there are no limits to your creativity.

behind the BUBBLE²

Experience technology
at a new level!

The BUBBLE² combines leading technology with Swiss engineering and is thoughtfully made of medical-grade bio-compatible materials.

Its unique electronic concept includes magnetic coils, powerful intelligent control electronics, and light pulses.

The interchangeable cover allows you to design your device according to your personal taste.

The B² is splash-proof and can easily be updated using the intelligent inductive charging unit via infrared (without Bluetooth or Wi-Fi radiation) and is easy to update. You can replace the battery yourself as needed. Experience technology at a new level!


All frequencies are transmitted with the aid of a pulsating electromagnetic field with a Sferics-like path, which consists of sinusoidal subpulses.

“Sferics“ refers to the pulsed occurrence of electromagnetic waves of natural origin in the earth`s atmosphere.

The BUBBLE² uses this Sferics-like technologyto optimize the transmission of frequencies and provide you with an effective solution for your health and well-being.

Wearing the B²

The BUBBLE² is preferably worn on the chest just below the sternum, near the area of the solar plexus.

According to the chakra teachings this region is the third chakra, also known as the Solar Plexus Chakra the abdominal brain, which is responsible for energy, subconscious thinking, wellbeing, healthy digestion and feeding your morphogenetic field.

This special positioning enables the BUBBLE² to focus its innovative functions specifically on this energy center.

Get yourBubble2now

To use the BUBBLE² in its full frequency potential
please download the CENTROPIX App

Scope of delivery

  • 1 BUBBLE² Frequency-Generator
  • 3 Interchangeable BUBBLE² Covers
  • 1 Inductive Charging Station
  • 1 Necklace Cord with Extension
  • 1 Hoop Fastener
  • 1 Additional O-ring
  • 1 Quick Start Guide
  • 1 USB-USBC Cable
Price: $1490 USD
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