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Join our Mission to make a difference in the world and empower people around you with products which are changing lives.

At CENTROPIX, we believe wholeheartedly in the products we’ve created. That’s why we want to give you the opportunity to share them with the people you love. Scroll down to see how you can join our global movement and elevate your wellness with the CENTROPIX product line.

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2040 Points

Professional Pack

The Ultimate Protection & Wellness Activation Package

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Qualify for everything you need to jumpstart your business with the Professional Pack. Our most comprehensive kit includes the entire CENTROPIX line & instant sales qualification for each product. You’ll get the world’s smallest active EMF protection device, BUBBLE, the at-home protection capability of COCOON, and the wellness-enhancing capabilities of KLOUD.

Our Professional Pack offers the best value for your online business. Purchasing this package gives you the ability to begin earning commissions on every product you sell, right away.

*Plus cost of REGISTRATION

  • KLOUD Maxi + Mini
  • COCOON + 3 Converter Cards (E-smog, Sleep well, Hawaii harmony)
  • 7 Additional Converter Cards (Concentration, Relax & Regeneration, Sport & Fitness, Food, Animal, P-Frequency, I-Frequency)
1040 Points

Protection Pack

Home & Personal Protection Package

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Make your business stand out with the versatility of the CENTROPIX BUBBLE & COCOON. Both offer a variety of specialized features—COCOON includes everything your clients need for 24/7, at-home protection, including all 10 CENTROPIX converter cards. BUBBLE is for personal protection at home and around town.

Get the best of both with the Protection Pack.

  • COCOON + 3 Converter Cards (E-smog, Sleep well, Hawaii harmony)
  • 7 Additional Converter Cards (Concentration, Relax & Regeneration, Sport & Fitness, Food, Animal, P-Frequency, I-Frequency)

A la Carte

Pick Any Products

Purchase the products you want and qualify only for what you need. Each of our products offers a unique opportunity to start your business as you see fit. Every product purchase earns you points which become commissions when you make a sale.

Get started today and diversify your business portfolio with the CENTROPIX product line.

Complete System
Includes KLOUD Maxi, KLOUD Mini,
2 carrying bags, INt. AC adapters, user manual
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Complete System
Includes COCOON, 3 converter cards (Sleep well, Hawaii harmony, E-smog)
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Complete System
Includes BUBBLE necklace
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Registration Only

Become an Affiliate, Start Your CENTROPIX Business Today

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*Pricing can vary based on your state of residence.

Interested in joining the movement, but not ready to purchase just yet? Simply click the add to cart button and follow the sign-up process. After becoming an affiliate, you’ll have the ability to direct sales through your affiliate website and get qualified on our products without having to purchase your own!

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Join the Global Wellness Revolution

CENTROPIX is on a mission to lead the world into a new age of wellbeing and wellness, and we want you to be a part of our journey.

When you purchase any of our Professional Packages, you’ll have the opportunity to learn about the revolutionary CENTROPIX product line and join the movement.

Purchase your desired products, earn points, make a sale and earn commissions on your new business. Rise through the ranks, and feel good about taking part in a global wellness movement.

We’re beyond excited to welcome you to one of the most forward-thinking communities, ground-breaking technological movements, and lucrative business opportunities this industry has seen in a long time.

The wellbeing and wellness field will never be the same, and neither will you. Take the first steps in joining our worldwide community, and take part in a mission that matters with CENTROPIX.

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A Start-Up Company With Global Vision

At CENTROPIX, our goal is to awaken, empower, and inspire global consciousness through the fulfillment of superior wellbeing, abundant prosperity, and a contented heart for all.

With Swiss craftsmanship and German engineering, CENTROPIX is bringing innovative, bio-resonance technology to the market via an inspiration-based, educational, and service-oriented network of like-minded individuals.

CENTROPIX is based on the principles of balanced living, and to us, it’s more than just a company or a transaction, or even a product. CENTROPIX is a global community of individuals who see the value in upholding their wellbeing and wellness.

We envision a “universe of gratitude” achieved through community, education, interaction, service, and support with a common purpose.

Your next chapter can start with CENTROPIX. Our company slogan demonstrates our values best:


Agree with our vision? Join our community today and help us lead the charge in creating meaningful change.

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These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. Centropix Products/Devices are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. We are all about Wellness & Fitness and we are NOT Medical Devices. When in doubt, please check with your licensed healthcare practitioner before using our products/devices.